Blind Spot Study


Illustration: Tanja Hildebrandt
Editorial Design: Jessica Louis Studio


Future_s is a feminist research and advocacy organization that had developed a guide for better and intersectional crisis management for the Federal Ministry of Health during the pandemic.

In collaboration with Jessica Louis Studio, who developed the layout for the brochure, I designed a series of illustrations for the individual chapters of the study. The guide was intended to suggest effective solutions to the Federal Ministry so that marginalized groups of people in our society no longer remain unheard.
left: Theory: Do we all have the same chances and opportunities?
right: Mapping: The intersectional society
The challenge was to include all people without falling into prejudices and stereotypes. In close exchange with the team of Future_s developed a very abstract visual language, free of gender, skin color or social background.
left: Communication analysis – Does one strategy fits all??
right: The blind spots

left: kids with special learning conditions
middle: people affected by mental health issues
right: people affected by domestic violence

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