Momus — why i faked a fast fashion label and how


Creative & Art Direction
Brand Identity
Website Design

Awareness Campaign against the fast fashion industry to draw attention to the negative social and ecological effects of the industry. The main target group was primarily people who have not yet given much attention to their own consumer behavior, i.e. the buyers of fast fashion: people aged between 14 and 30. On the one hand, the campaign was intended to educate people and encourage them to rethink their own consumption habits. At the same time, I wanted to show immediate solutions and offer DIY ideas around the topic of upcycling.

I built up the fake label Momus for a period of two months via social media - branding, visual language and tonality – everything was imitated from the big fast fashion brands. At the release event, I advertised discounts on the new collection with old clothes brought in. At the event itself, the campaign was unveiled and DIY workshops were offered directly afterwards, led by Entrepreneurs from the sustainable fashion industry. The project was awarded the "Spitzen Nadel" for the most innovative idea in 2018 by the Inkota network.
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