Stand out
through impact

Re.Frame Studio is based in Hamburg, Germany, and works globally with startups, non-profit organizations and market leaders across industries. We were founded with the aspiration to challenge today’s attitude of ‘higher-faster-further’ through purpose and meaning. This is why our work stands out; we don’t offer linear or easy answers, but impactful ones.

Brand positioning has a sustainability problem – and we carry responsibility.


We appreciate the responsibility we all share for our society and the planet – and that includes rethinking how we do business. We need to be more intentional with our resources, focus on purpose, and find more sustainable ways of learning and working together.


We challenge existing norms and narratives and audaciously stand up for our values, beliefs, and each other.


We are open-minded and curious and aim to (re-)learn from and with each other – both in the collective and with our clients.


We trust in the strengths and individual experiences of other people and co-create with respect, empathy and joy.


We work in the collective as a cohesive team with trust, appreciation and agility. Our work and communication is transparent and our feedback is always constructive.

We are female-founded and will always promote equality of opportunity and encourage representation. Our work must be shaped by diverse perspectives, as intersectional and just agendas are central to sustainable development. Also, we know that when people feel safe, seen and supported, the most thoughtful concepts emerge.

Marit Filger


Co-Founder Re.Frame Studio
Strategy, Storytelling, Interior

Marit Filger (she/her) is a value-driven brand strategist, communicator and creative. She has worked with one-person startups as well as global market leaders across industries in Asia, North America and Europe. Her focus topics include intersectional feminism and empowered creativity.

Tanja Hildebrandt


Co-Founder Re.Frame Studio
Design, Creative Direction, Illustrations

Tanja Hildebrandt (she/her) is a sustainable communication designer, strategist and speaker. She has collaborated with individuals, non-profit organizations and brands from all industries. Her focus topics include sustainability, awareness and collective knowledge sharing.

Annika Degen


Collective Member
Strategy, Sustainability Consulting

Annika Degen (she/her) is a sustainable business strategist and consultant, podcast host and speaker. She has worked with small, medium and large organizations in South America, North America, Asia and Europe. Her focus topics include the holistic gender-climate nexus and corporate sustainability.

Antonia Fedder


Collective Member
Digital, Design, Concepts

Antonia Fedder (she/her) is a sustainable brand and web designer, concept developer and lecturer. She has worked across disciplines with non-profit organizations, EU projects and startups in Africa, South America and Europe. Her focus topics include inclusive and participatory concepts and digital sustainability.

Re.Frame Knowledge

In addition to our strategic design studio and collective, we have launched Re.Frame Knowledge. Here we offer digital courses on all topics that advance designers, creatives and strategists with a sustainable and inclusive mindset. This way to Re.Frame Knowledge.