Here you find studies, insights and reflections on topics like circular economy, SDGs or human- and planet-centered design. We tackle questions like what a successful impact business looks like and how to position your brand with a purpose strategy. We discuss our take on greenwashing, our own failures, and everything that moves our collective, our clients and the Re.Frame network.

CSRD, ESG and all those lovely abbreviations

Corporate sustainability is subject to more and more guidelines - and we think that's a good thing! At the same time, the criteria behind the abbreviations CSRD and ESG are not always easy to understand. How can we overcome this confusion and put the criteria into practice? In our three-part Insights series, we ensure that you get an overview and a good understanding of each topic.

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We are launching sustainable workshop formats

...and we are not doing this by ourselves, but in cooperation with our partner agency Wildyard. So there are two exciting news at once!

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7 economic reasons why you should integrate sustainability into your business

Our planet and our current economic system are facing enormous challenges: Global warming, resource scarcity and the lack of qualified employees make it clear that we urgently need a change towards a sustainable economy. This puts businesses under tremendous financial and personnel pressure and presents them with major challenges. In this article, you can find out why the path to transformation is worthwhile for every business, especially in economic terms.

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Sustainable founding in 2023: More than just a trend

At a time when sustainability is more than just a trend and large companies often fall into the trap of greenwashing (whether intentionally or not), in this article we want to explore what it means to start up sustainably in 2023. How should the social component of sustainability be considered both externally and internally, and how sustainability ensures not only environmental but also economic success.

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Founders Interview

Female-founded and purpose-driven: Re.Frame Studio is an interdisciplinary strategic design studio and collective launched in the summer of 2023. In this Insights article, founders Tanja Hildebrandt and Marit Filger answer eight questions to introduce themselves and the vision of Re.Frame Studio.

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The Re.Frame Model

Re.Frame was founded on the conviction that we as creatives must carry responsibility, as we play a key role in determining how socially and ecologically sustainable our world of tomorrow will look like. That's why Re.Frame exists: we question existing norms, design frameworks for sustainable, disruptive and value-driven communication and also want to share our expertise.

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