Collective creativity and expertise

With us, you can realize projects on any scale because our collective and network have exactly the expertise you need. In addition, we will match you with people whose personality suits you best. Do you appreciate sensitivity or rather directness? Our collective members are as diverse as their skills and insights so you will receive outstanding, impactful results with purpose and meaning at fair prices.



Identifying the values and vision of a brand is key to transferring the brand personality to the visual identity and evoke emotions from the target audience. Our services include strategy and positioning, corporate design (logo, typography, colors, visual design systems and imagery), business stationery and templates, and web design.



A consistent look and feel, making your brand’s tonality recognizable across all channels is essential to an effective communication strategy. Our services include brand message development, communication strategy, content and storytelling concepts, print and digital design, sustainability report design, illustrations, infographics, icons, product packaging, and art direction for photoshootings.



Bringing a brand into a space and making it tangible and perceptible is an integral part of the customer journey. Our services include interior design, branding and signage, as well as experience strategy and concepts for showrooms, exhibitions and events.



Just as we initiate transformative processes with projects, we bring disruptive impulses to your team with workshops. In an individually tailored workshop framework, ideas and content can be developed together and directly perceived and accepted by your team.

In the coming months, we will add various formats here – stay tuned!


Our transparent and competitive daily rates include the pay for collective members, few overhead costs, and a support fee for additional support from the collective when members contribute their expertise to your project or provide a backup whenever someone is out.

800,- €
excl. VAT

Our daily rate for startups and transformers

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The project complexity is low and we work in a supporting role with the client. The idea is solution-oriented and contributes actively to bring transformation forward.

980,- €
excl. VAT

Our daily rate for organizations and change makers

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The project complexity is feasible and we work in a collaborative process with the client. The idea drives change with thoughtful and sustainable decisions.

1150,- €
excl. VAT

Our daily rate for corporations and future strategists

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The project complexity is advanced and we work in a leading role with the client. The idea looks strategically and visionary into the future and has the potential to be very impactful.

What makes sense for you?

Let’s talk about which of our services and workshops best suit you and your needs – and of course we’ll answer all your questions. Book a free half-hour consultation to meet digitally or in person: