The Re.Frame Model

Marit Filger – 27. July 2023
Business, Re.Frame

Re.Frame was founded on the conviction that we as creatives must carry responsibility, as we play a key role in determining how socially and ecologically sustainable our world of tomorrow will look like. That’s why Re.Frame exists: we question existing norms, design frameworks for sustainable, disruptive and value-driven communication and also want to share our expertise:

Re.Frame Studio – We launched our interdisciplinary strategic design studio and collective in the summer of 2023, working purpose-driven as part of the movement towards a circular economy. We are based in Hamburg, Germany, and work globally with startups, non-profit organizations and market leaders across industries. We realize projects on any scale and with collective creativity and expertise, we collaborate with our clients to frame the change. Collective structures and approaches are what we believe will be the future of work and the only way to meet today’s challenges.

Re.Frame Knowledge – As designers, creatives and strategists, our work carries responsibility to drive the change towards more social, ecological and economic sustainability. This requires us to constantly evolve and educate ourselves, and that can be very challenging. That is why it is so empowering when we bring together our diverse experiences and learn from and with each other – and this is exactly the motivation behind Re.Frame Knowledge. As a digital platform, Re.Frame Knowledge will offer digital courses on all topics that advance people with a sustainable and inclusive mindset in a professional context.

Future – The idea behind Re.Frame is so much larger and can go in many other directions than ‘just’ the studio and collective. With Re.Frame Knowledge another perspective opens up and in the future the interests of the collective members, the client projects and the developments in society will determine where we will head to next. For example, in addition to the unlimited digital possibilities, we also see physical spaces for personal connections, such as event formats, exhibitions or installations in public spaces. Re.Frame is a mindset and there is no shortage of creative ideas for the future. We invite everyone to join us on this journey!