The Helmholtz-Klima-Initiative bundles all climate-relevant projects of the 18 Helmholtz research centers for communication to the general public. The visual affiliation to the parent organization Helmholtz was important, at the same time an independent communication concept for scientific content was to be developed.

We developed the corporate design based on the design of the parent organization. Infographics form the central communication medium – we hence developed an icon toolkit with more than 150 icons as a basis for a variety of infographics.

In close collaboration with science editors and researchers, we developed the ‘factsheet’ format. Monothematically, it visualizes complex processes and research projects in an easy to understand way. Thus, the correlations of the climate-relevant changes on our planet can be communicated to a broad audience in a comprehensible way.

In long-running projects with numerous stakeholders and objectives, the content can always change. The modular design with the extensive icon toolkit allowed us to react quickly and flexibly to changes and integrate them.