The two founders of RELL Cargobikes approached us early on during the founding process. Their plan to excite a broad target group for cargo bikes and to offer their customers the opportunity to try out their bikes directly at home appealed to us right away.

The design process was very open and efficient. In joint briefings, we got good insights into the idea behind RELL and what it stands for: to make cargo bikes exciting for a broad audience so that they are seen as a fully-fledged alternative to cars. For both families and craft workers, sports clubs or recreational cyclists. The corporate design should therefore be modern, dynamic, slightly rebellious, yet not too young.

With a well thought-out and dynamic corporate design that reflects not only the founding team but also the target group, we support RELL on its way to contributing to the mobility revolution.

The two founders were so content with our design draft that we didn’t do a single iteration loop. That’s something to be proud of!