In the time frame of 7 months the independent campaign against fast fashion was carried out. The term fast fashion refers to the rapid production of cheaply made clothing. On the one hand, the campaign was intended to educate and encourage people to rethink their own consumer habits. On the other hand, it was intended to show immediate solutions and offer DIY ideas around the topic of upcycling.

For months, the fake label momus was built up via social media, where everything – branding, imagery and tonality – imitated large fast-fashion brands. The photoshoot was realized with friends and the prints of the clothes were created purely digitally with Adobe Photoshop. At the launch event, the campaign was revealed and immediately afterwards, event guests were invited to DIY workshops to upcycle their clothes.

The most valuable feedback was the numerous positive responses from event guests, some of whom were working with scissors, screen printing or sewing machines for the first time. Many of them were totally thrilled with what they made out of their old clothes in such a short time – and were able to fall in love all over again with clothes they thought were too old.

The project was created as a free project – and free of financial means it could only be realized thanks to the help of many supporters and friends. The incredible feedback from the event guests proves that the months of hard work were worth it and that independent projects with artistic and conceptual freedom can really make a difference.